Haw River Hike

I went on a hike along the Haw river today. It was organized by Ching, a research scientist at UNC. She's the one on the right side of the picture who is taking off before the picture was taken. Two people didn't show up so just the 6 of us went.

The picture below is Daniel, a mechanical engineer in RTP, crossing a stream on a log. It looked like fun so I went next--but nearly froze half way across so I scrambled across the second half quickly before I could do that freeze-thing. I have a touch of acrophobia, I'm afraid.

This is the small damn that is at the beginning of the trail we took. Isn't it pretty? The day was perfect for hiking. The temp was just below 60f and the sun was steady and felt warm on the skin. What a great way to spent Easter Sunday. We never saw a rabbit tho.


Nina said…
Makes me miss North Carolina a whole bunch.
carli said…
And you even used the "cuss" form of the word "damn." Potty mouth.

Looks like a great hike. . . but now that it's my new favorite activity, I think any hike looks pretty dang good.

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