Google Maps and obsessions

I love Goggle Maps, especially the satellite ones. They make finding places so much easier--and they also make determining geographic relationships a lot easier too.

For example, back when I was seeing Renée we looked on Google Maps to see what was behind her house. It seemed to be forest but it was so vine entangled that we never drifted back further than her property line.

Well, when we looked at the satellite images it was apparent that instead of a boundless forest there was only about 150 yards of trees before a bunch of new subdivisions. Since the roads accessing those houses were on the other side of the "forest" we had never guessed that they were there.

In the picture above, you see the house where I bought the 3 chairs---they're being delivered tonight by her husband---and you can even see her red SUV in the driveway. Amazing. And the two sheds they have out back---one for storage and one for their 3 dogs when they're outside.

While I was there talking, we could hear this background noise of "clucking". Well, when I pulled up the satellite imagery you could see two big industrial sized chicken coops maybe 300 yards across the street. I love this stuff!

My only problem now is that I need to find a new thing to obsess about. For the past 2 months it's been scouring Craig's List for leather furniture reasonably priced and near me. Now that I have the furniture, what will I do?


Shephard said…
I knew you'd find your leather furniture! Where there's a will, there's a way! And now you know where to get free eggs to boot!

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