Craig's List again

Here I go again.

I found some more furniture I like on Craig's List. This time the price is a little higher but the location is closer.

Last time it was a leather couch, this time it's either two leather recliners and / or one leather chair with ottoman. Decisions, dammit!

The ad was posted this afternoon on Craig's List and I'm going to go see the furniture tomorrow at 11am. Maybe this time I'll have some "new" furniture to enjoy in my living room. It'll make watching my tele a lot more enjoyable.


GA Girl said…
Oooh! Which did you go with - or did you decide to buy all three?
Blonde Goddess said…
I really need new furniture but can't afford it yet. When the time comes, I'll be asking for advice on durability. A pack of gorilla's live with me and I need stuff that will last.

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