Bridge to Terabithia

Lee and I watched a number of movies this past week while she was visiting. For me the most memorable was Bridge to Terabithia. I'm too old to have been familiar with the book as a child, but I was quite impressed with the movie. For a while it seems just like standard fare for the 10-15 age group but around the middle the film starts to show its legs a bit and when Bridge to Terabithia takes a serious turn near the end you can tell it's in the home stretch--and it's a winner.

The cast did a wonderful job. Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb played the two kids at the center of the movie and they were just fantastic. The portrayal of the Aarons family, with their warts and blemishes quite evident, was inspired. This movie did not settle for mere saccharine sentimentality. That crap was left up on Walton's Mountain.

We also saw a movie she liked a lot, Little Miss Sunshine, but that one didn't grow on me at all. There were a number of times in the movie when I laughed but overall I just didn't find it compelling. And I really didn't like the last 10 or so minutes at all. Thumbs down for me--despite the fact that I seem to be the only person that doesn't like the film.


SassyAssy said…
Good to know...I wanted to see this movie.

You hate my recommendations usually, but Gone Baby Gone was pretty good. I also liked 3:10 to Yuma...thought you did a post on it a while back, but too tired to go check right now.
Shephard said…
You know, I really wanted to like the movie Bridge to Terabithia more.. esp. the little girl actress. She was great. But I felt manipulated by the ending... the "insert tragedy here" type plot always feels a bit too forced. But I did like the movie up to that point. :)
Used*to*be*me said…
I liked Bridge to Terabithia but haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine. I did however rent Little Miss Sunshine because I thought it was a kids movie. Apparently, I was wrong and my kids told me all about it. Oops.

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