Saint Valentine's Day

I was talking to Julie, a girl I frequently hike with, last week about the ups and downs of romance and we both decided that unrequited love didn't deserve the bad rep it has.

Both Julie and I been married once and are dubious about engaging in future relationships 'cause they're so much bother and often provide very little payoff. Lee (my girlfriend) and I have a long stormy history and that only buttresses the point.

"So," you might ask, "What is your point?"

Well, it's this: "real" relationships are rarely completely happy because they involve two or more people who have different needs and desires. Unrequited love, on the other hand, is all about YOU. What could be better?

My first love was a girl I met in 4th grade. I admired her from afar for several years until her family moved away and never returned. I've never forgotten her. Or, to be more accurate, I've never forgotten my very biased view of her. And that's the point. She was never actually a real person to me, she was idealized--the perfect girl. And isn't that the perfect person to be in love with?

Sure, if I saw her on the street today I'd never recognize her but the people that I do recognize invariable disappoint or hurt me. I think I'm over reality, romance needs to flee back into fantasy. Reality just doesn't work out well.

I might delete this post once my fever breaks and I no doubt decide to completely disavow all sentiments expressed here. :-)

PS I'm still sick!

PPS Happy St Valentine's Day y'all


SassyAssy said…
Sorry you are still sick sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day!! (Are you sure you are really sick...seems rather coincidental to the arrival of that new tv set up you have!). I agree with unrequited love *sigh* have one of my own!
Scott said…
Interesting theory. A female co-worker with whom I once shared an office told me, when we had discussed "hooking up", that the fantasy was usually better than the reality. Which could have been her way of steering me away, but she really did seem to believe it. I was never given the opportunity to prove her wrong.
Smug said…
I think that you may have a point, and sometimes if is safer to never learn about a person's faults. However, I have had several really rotten relationships and although they hurt me deeply, I don't regret any of them. These relationships molded me into the person that I am today and I really like the person I am today! I now have found a really different kind of relationship. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect, but it is perfect for me and I am happy most of the time! Who could ask for anything more?

Happy V Day!!

PS: you are off the hook for moving! We are hiring professionals!!
Diane Mandy said…
Happy Valentines! Still believe, still believe...
Teresa said…
Unrequited love? Well, okay... so long as it's understood that it'll always be that way. It's comfortable, right?

Happy Valentine's Day! Be well!
Anonymous said…
Imaginary relationships probably ARE much easier to handle... when you don't have to actually deal with the other person's pesky feelings :)

Sorry you are still sick.

Remember, a cold lasts for 7 days. With treatment, it will go away in a week.
kenju said…
Sorry you're still under the weather, Dave.
Bob-kat said…
Having just been through divorce I cna see your point! However, an idealised, fantasy partner can't rub your back when it aches adn give you hugs when things suck and share a joke etc. Or perhaps they can in your head! :)

Hope you feel better soon and thanks for the Valentine wishes :)
Shephard said…
I actually get what you're saying, lol. You should be feverish more often. And I love that you used the word "buttresses."


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