My new high def television has provided me with an excuse to rearrange my living room. It's been about 2 years since the last time I moved everything around. It's a bit of an undertaking, largely due to all my books.

I used the moving around as a good time to treat the wood to some polish and wax. It's a lot easier to do that when the bookcase is totally unloaded.

I temporarily am storing much of my living room stuff in my kitchen so I can vacuum the rug a couple of times. I won't finish it up until tomorrow but that'll give me a chance to air the place out as well. It's supposed to be in the high 50s tomorrow and that'll feel great since moving furniture and books around tends to get me overheated.

Here's the books that were in the bookcase pictured above. It's amazing how many books fit in one small bookcase--and how bloody heavy they are!

I like to keep them in alphabetical order but in the past few years that plan had broken down a bit. This is my chance to get them back in order--at least somewhat. This bookcase is just supposed to have books from M to Z but my other bookcases don't have any more room. So I'll have to include some A to L books on this bookcase.

I'm almost to the point where I'll have to build another bookcase--but I'm not sure where I'll put it.

Here's the DVDs that were on the bookcase. I've got a fair amount of them but none are high def. And while I did buy an up-converting DVD player along with the high def television it's just not the same. The high def is really great--and as a result I doubt I'll be watching the old DVDs very often anymore.

It'll be good to get the windows open tomorrow. The smell of the furniture polish and the oil is rather strong. It was giving me a bit of a headache when I was moving the couch and tables around the room. And that's why I'm back in the bedroom now, hiding from the fumes.


Roland said…
Michele sent me to consider all your dvds & books, I admit to a similar collection, though I don't intend to succumb to the HD bug anytime in the near future!
wow, that's a lot of books and movies...hope that works out for you.

Michele sent me to say hi.
kenju said…
Hey, Dave, I have an idea. You could lend out those DVD's you won't be watching! I'd like some...
Ivy said…
Have you read all of them?
utenzi said…
I've read about 95% of the books in that bookcase, Ivy. Most of the books I've not read I have in my bedroom in a few stacks on a side table.
SassyAssy said…
send some of those DVDs my way!!!! Hope you are having fun...don't strain that back of yours!
Bob-kat said…
I find upscaling on normal DVDs to be fine but it really depends on the film. Some films I think HD wouldn't matter much but others it really transforms the film. I watched Kingdom of Heaven (Directors Cut - don't even consider the other) on HD last night and the only word to describe it is 'awesome'.
Diane Mandy said…
U-I have never seen anyting like that outside of a library. WOW!
Blonde Goddess said…
You're better stocked than our local library....AND you have candy!!!

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