Lights out

...and even more importantly my alarm clock. I had intended on going to the NC Zoo today but I didn't wake up in time. I like to get there when it opens so there's no crowds around the enclosures. Crowds make for bad pictures, y'know?

I went to bed fairly early last night so you'd think waking up early would have been no problem. Unfortunately Duke Power was up to its old tricks and sometime between 4am and 7am the power went out in my neighborhood and it wasn't restored until a little before noon. For some odd reason I have frequent power outages here, usually several a month, however it's rare for the power to be out for more than a few minutes. People who live just a few miles away don't seem to suffer these frequent outages tho. Odd.

Normally with a short power interruptions I just have to set the clocks again but when the power is out this long I have to do some reprogramming. And this time I had the additional duty of setting up my high def television again--and far more tedious, the channel lineup of my DirecTV receiver. There's over 700 channels on the thing and I program out almost 400 of them. Reprogramming that lineup was quite annoying! I had an old UPS attached to the satellite setup but the lead acid battery in it is almost worn out and wasn't up to the long power outage. I guess it's time for me to buy a new UPS---and just when I was hoping that I could take it easy on the spending for a month. *sigh* And there's nothing tempting or sexy about UPSs. :-(

Looking at the prices online from Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal-mart show all three selling UPSs at the same price. I'll probably just hit the local Wal-mart so I can get it right away. I cartainly don't want anything to happen to my lovely television! Nor the programming on my satellite receiver either. And if I get something over 750VA I'd even be able to record shows when the power is out. And maybe watch tv? I'm not sure how much juice those large LCD screen swallow up while running. I'll have to look into that...


kenju said…
I bought a new alarm clock recently and it is hooked up so that it resets its own time from a satellite, even if the power goes out. Maybe you need one like that.
Diane Mandy said…
You hve been on a shopping spree that makes even me envious!
Nina said…
Keep spending so I can live vicariously through you. I have to save all my pennies for Kilimanjaro!

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