Lighting and cooking

I spent most of this weekend rearranging my living room and bedroom along with a little tele watching. Can't resist that high def screen for long, y'know? I really like the changes in my bedroom, while they're minor it really feels a lot different, and the changes in my living room have worked out well also. I'm not quite finished with the living room yet tho.

Doesn't that picture above look arty?

I was finding that normal lighting was really hurting my "viewing experience" with the new television but I need some small amount of light so I can use the remote control plus gather snacks and soda.

What I came up with was to use a light rope which I wound around the banister of my staircase, as you can see to the left.

The staircase is directly behind the chair I watch television from--when I'm not being really lazy and just laying on the couch--and so even though the light isn't very bright, it's perfect for allowing me to see the buttons on my remote control.

It's a mite theatrical but since it works well I'm not going to worry about it too much.

As for the cooking thing in my title, I want to get some work done in my kitchen this week. I have 3 recipes from this British book called Complete Comfort Foods that I want to try by this coming Saturday. BTW, the editor is Bridget Jones but I doubt it's the one made famous by the books and movies. I think that Bridget is fictional.

The recipes I want to try this week aren't very demanding. First there's Croque Monsieur, which sounds like a French version of a Ham & Cheese melt, a favorite of mine to order in diners.

Next I want to try the recipe for Welsh Rarebit. Now the recipe in this book is a simplified version which doesn't use beer and there's no slow cooking the sauce over a hearth either. This recipe simply toasts the bread, anything sliced thick, afterwards spread mustard and butter on the bread then you top with cheese and broil for a few minutes. Sprinkle on a little paprika and eat.

The last recipe is for Cinnamon Rings and the picture of the resulting pasty looks delicious. It's a variation on a Mexican recipe for Bunuelos. I'll post the recipe and pictures if I manage to get myself to make them. It involves frying in oil and I hate doing that 'cause of the mess.


Smug said…
The lighting is a really wonderful and creative way of getting just the right High-def experience!

I think that the Bridget from the books and movies worked in something book related, like a publisher or something. I am sure it is not the inspiration for the books, but it is odd!

BTW - We are moving again the last weekend in March, what time are you coming to help?? Sassy says she will make you something to eat from the cookbook you got her :)
Nina said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend! I wish I had the time and energy to cook. It has been daily takeout for me for too long.
Blonde Goddess said…
I like the staircase lighting you came up with. I think it looks great. Very creative...
kenju said…
Look at you-> Dave the decorator!! The light rope is sexy...LOL

Don't wimp out on the Welsh rarebit! That recipe is fake rarebit, Dave. I make the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, with beer and it is great!

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