I'm Friggin' Dying

In sensitivity to those who really ARE dying, I have to admit here I'm just being a weenie about a cold. I started my symptoms yesterday around noon but thought it was just my normal sinus problems. Around 3am I was awakened, literally, to the possibility it was more serious by 4+ hours of fever that had me shivering even under all my blankets and down comforter. I like to be warm, what's it to you?!

This next section is from the The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas' website:

As temperatures dip, cold season starts. What do you do to fight the fever, sneezing and runny nose?

Because there’s still no comprehensive cure for the common cold, we still just have to treat the symptoms. Over-the-counter medications can help you deal with the congestion, sneezing and fever that come with colds.

One thing you shouldn’t do, according to doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, is rely on an old piece of folklore. “Feed a cold, starve a fever” has been said over many a cold sufferer – and what were you supposed to do if the patient had both a cold and a fever? Dr. Paul Pepe, UT Southwestern’s chairman of emergency medicine, says that old saying is just bad advice.

When you’re sick, whether you have a cold, fever or both, your body needs fuel to fight the illness. Starving the body weakens it in its battle with the germs.

Instead, when you get a cold, fever or any other kind of illness, you should eat a steady diet of nutritious foods. You should also keep yourself well-hydrated and get plenty of rest. Hot liquids – such as that old stand-by, chicken soup – may help open up sinus passages so you feel less congested.

Most colds should run their course in a few days. If your illness lingers longer than a week, you should see a doctor. If sneezing, sniffling and congestion are chronic at particular times of year, you may have allergies instead of a cold.

I'll tell you, I want to take a more proactive role in this malady but I realize that most home remedies don't help you any faster than just bed rest. So that's what I'm going to do---and I don't have any local channels to watch while convalescing. Dammit. I guess it'll just be tea with lots of honey, maybe a dollop of whiskey--Canadian Club has been my favorite for this ever since my undergrad days--and some hot soup, along with my trusty humidifier.

Have you had enough of my whining yet? I'm willing to continue....


Diane Mandy said…
It's your blog, so whine if you need to. Feel better soon!
Smug said…
Last time I got a head cold, my mom told me about taking raw garlic. I really did not want to try it, but I did. Two small cloves, I chopped them to about the size of an advil tablet and took them with water, just like I would take an advil. I started feeling better within hours and the whole cold only lasted about 2 days. I am normally on the couch for at least 4.

BTW - my sister's boyfriend works for a moving company, maybe your services will not be needed afterall... Sorry, I know that hurts you :(
Nina said…
Aw. Do you have someone to come over and make the tea for you? And give you vitamins and stuff? Feel better soon!
Into the Light said…
I remember raw garlic being all over the place when I was a kid. My grandmother had notions. I think the only thing it did was test whether your sinuses were open. Still, sometimes you feel better when there's some suggestion that it will. Kind of like our "better bear", which for years has been passed around to whoever is sick to help them get better. Aside from that, I'd only advise the tea, but I'd skip the whiskey. It might knock you out so that you forget about those missing channels, but it adds to dehydration -- you need more fluids, not to subtract them!
kenju said…
No, no, no need to continue, Dave. I hope you feel better soon!
SassyAssy said…
Are you back to being the lovable curmudgeon yet?
tiff said…
Hot shower. Tea with honey. Whiskey. There ya go!

Feel better soon!

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