I've been feeling grumpy the past 3 days for reasons I'm not aware of. So instead of complaining more today I'm just going to post a picture of birdie bootie and leave it at that.

UPDATE: I ended up filling up my gas tank after work and paid $3.05. While that was the lowest price in the area around me (as determined from the gas pricing guide on MSN) it was the first time I'd paid over $3 a gallon and I didn't like it. Not one bit.

I also spent $47 on food at Wal-mart and got a haircut ($13) at a place nearby--in case anyone is interested in those details.


Smug said…
I know why you are so grumpy! You don't get to help me move, you don't get to go to DC for the weekend, and lastly (but most importantly) you are running low in the candy drawer... ok that last one is a guess, but lack of quality junk food always makes me grumpy!!

Hope you feel more chipper soon :)
kenju said…
Hope you feel better soon, Dave. I looked for gas today and the cheapest I saw was $3.17. :-/
Diane Mandy said…
DO you want me to do my best impression of Cher in Moonstruck? Ok, then...


Feel better? ;-)
Shephard said…
As a gesture of good faith, I promise not to one-up you and tell you how few days in the last year I paid LESS than $3 for a gallon of gas. lol
We have a Prius; it's necessary here.

SassyAssy said…
Poor Utenzi! I feel your pain!
UrbanHippieMama said…
I love the birdie butt!!! Sorry you're grumpy... hope you're feeling better now.

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