February is here

In like a lion, out like a bloody sheep; or maybe January showers bring February flowers? How do those pithy sayings go? Well, if nothing else, having February start with a rainy day is actually a good thing here in drought stricken North Carolina. We need the water!

For me the noteworthy aspect of February is that it brings to a close my Xmas induced shopping frenzy. I usually try to close down that bad impulse of mine before this, but for me Feb One always means no more spending profligately. *whew* I need the break and so does my beleaguered bank account.

It's too bad though. There's this really pretty fireplace on sale at the Big O, Overstock dot com. Isn't that thing a beaut?

Lee and I saw one of these up in Asheville back in October but it was around a $thousand. This one is only $199 but the consumables would get you. The fireplace here uses 1 - 3 gel cans at a time and those things are almost $4 each and supposedly last 3 hours. Assuming the real number is more like 2 hours, and you run all 3 cans, then in one short evening you'd run through $24 running the thing (4 hours of 3 cans = 6 cans * $4). *ouch* Even if they do run for 3 hours then you'd still burn through 12 bucks an evening. That would get quite pricey even if you just used it two nights a week for setting a mood.

As for the stuff I mentioned buying a few posts ago, the steel bowls were delivered 2 hours ago, the immersion blender 20 minutes ago and the knives should be delivered soon. 3 different warehouses in different states, 3 different delivery services and constant updates via the Internet. How did we ever manage without all this stuff?

On other fronts, the decluttering continues. Today, on my way to work, I dropped off a crate full of magazines at the recycling center as well as a pretty full bag of glass bottles. By Monday I should have the crate filled again for another drop off. And at that time I'll clear out any phone books I have around the house. Those things are almost useless these days. And I love, love, love the satellite tv service. The DirecTV HD feed is wonderful and all those free (temporarily) movie channels are great. In two days I recorded over 30 hours of movies and tv shows. Wow. Don't expect me to get off my couch this weekend. I'm going to be doing the potato thing, y'know?


kenju said…
LOL......you'll be eating potatoes too, I'll bet. Chips, anyone!?
No_Newz said…
A-hem... you claim to be over the holiday shopping hoohas, yet here you are trying to get me to buy more crap. Shame on you David! And I thought we were friends. :P
Teresa said…
Though I don't particularly like the fireplace thingy, it does create a sort of atmosphere. It might be worth the cost for those special occasions...

February started wet here too. It's dry but overcast today... hopefully, it'll improve. A good day to do some decluttering here though.

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