My car is almost out of gas--according to the handy dandy gauge there's 27 miles left to go in the tank--and the lowest price gas in the area is $3.0599.

Paying over $3 a gallon has been a sticking point for me and thus far I've been able to avoid it. But now I'm down to one last commute before my tank runs dry. Dammit. Maybe I can drain the gas can in the shed--it's probably got 2 gallons in it--and last a few more days. If I'm lucky the prices will drop 6 cents a gallon in the meantime. Yeah, right.

And my experiment on the chick embryos didn't work today --they'd not developed as far as they should have-- which means trying again tomorrow which throws off the timing which means coming into work on the weekend for 4 hours. Dammit.


Into the Light said…
LOL.... Um... I mean... Dammit!
Smug said…
I am sorry that you have to work this weekend. Would it be rubbing it in if I told you that I am going to be museum hopping in Washington DC this weekend??? Yeah??? Ok, forget I said anything...
David said…
have not seen $3 in a while.
paying over $3.39 most days

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