almost better

For anyone that is interested out there, I'm almost over my cold.

I've been to work both days this week as well as last Friday. Today was the first day that I've spent over 8 hours there though and the difference was telling.

Once I got home I laid down--just for a minute!--when I got home at 6pm and the next thing I knew the phone ringing woke me up at 7pm. 10 minutes or so on the phone, during which I fell asleep momentarily twice, and then back to sleep until 11pm! Man, that's as much sleep as I usually get in a full night and it's not even midnight yet. Damn.

As for these pictures, the one above is for people who've seen my house. Clear counter space isn't something I'm known for. This is proof that my clutter-free project is showing results!

The second picture is my breakfast from Tuesday morning. People who know me realize that "breakfast" isn't a work normally in my vocabulary. For some odd reason I woke up this morning at 6am and decided to eat instead of just laying there, staring at the ceiling. The 3 eggs and hot chocolate was the result. Mmmm. Makes me think of those chick embryo experiments I'm running. LOL

The other two people working on that project have both given up the eating of eggs. The weenies!

How's this look? $300 knocked temporarily down to $250 for essentially a blender. Amazing.

However 64 reviews and almost all of them give it 5 stars. Top honors. They must really like their rum drinks!

I managed to refrain from ordering the thing but I did listen to the cute little Flash animation that the company has on Amazon's site. It's set to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and I admit the blender does seem very functional. But $300? That's crazy!


Shephard said…
We actually own the Margaritaville concoction maker, and we love it. Ours is red to match our kitchen, tho I love the green one.

It says it makes fruit smoothies, mudslides and dacqueries... but we're still making Margs and we've had it since October. lol

We got it from friends at our 20th Anniversary celebration in Vegas. A great way to remember the event. We usually have blue curacao margs every Thursday while watching Ugly Betty. TMI?

SassyAssy said…
OMG! Is that what your countertop looks like???? I am shocked silent (and you know that is a hard thing to do, m'friend!).

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