Weird Weather

The past week we've been freezing our little nubbies off here in Eastern NC and now Monday and Tuesday have projected highs in the 70s. It's just too freaky. Overnight lows every day this week are higher than the high temps all last week. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I like it warm.... but 70s in January?

In other news, my favorite team on The Amazing Race finished last on Sunday night's broadcast. That's just evil. It makes me want to eat enormous amounts of candy--which, now that I think about it, is how I always feel. But I'm more serious about it now. Where's those Smarties?

I finished watching the first 3 DVDs of Deadwood and all 7 episodes were excellent. I hope to get the rest of Season One from the library this week and start on Season Two the following week. Right now I'm half way through watching The Terminator 3--I'll finish watching it before going to bed though I am rather tired. But a choice between sleep and exciting car chases will have the movie winning out almost every time.


Ivy said…
We hit 77 yesterday. Thats completely insane
Smug said…
Yeah, I am not sure about this weather! I have been getting nasty headaches a lot lately and I am starting to think that it has to do with all the changes in the weather. I hate snow and ice and winter in general, so it can stay warm all winter long. I just wish that it would stay one way for a while!!
GA Girl said…
The amazing race is fun. I'm glad the nasty couple haven't come in 1st yet, but they'll probably win.

I thought you were almost out of smarties?

Terminator 2 was my all time favorite - but the entire trilogy rocks.
Cynnie said…
it's nice here..
warm, breezy..
Diane Mandy said…
So jealous!
rosemary said…
It's 21...snowing...I am so ready for spring. Saw the end of AR only...I am not a viewer.
SassyAssy said…
You NEVER need an excuse for candy eating.
Shephard said…
I have a friend whom we cat sit for on occasion, or just visit... and she has an evil basket filled with leftover Cherry & Strawberry Laughy Taffy. The stuff is packed with so much flavor it's insidiously addictive. You've been warned.


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