Tele and tidying

With the exception of a few hours I had to put in at work yesterday I've been either watching tv or cleaning up the clutter in my house this weekend.

My de-cluttering goal this weekend is mostly getting rid of bunches of magazines all about the place. Yesterday I brought two 19" CRT monitors in to be recycled which really helped the clutter situation but not so much my lower back. The damn things weigh 75 - 80 pounds each. Contrast that to my new 56" television that weighs about the same amount but is 3 times bigger. And my tv is a DLP, a non-projection unit would weight 20 pounds less. Not having those two 19" monitors hanging around helps appearances. The house looks tidier already. :-)

On the watching tele front, I managed to watch the last 8 episodes of Deadwood, season 3, this weekend as well as Transformers (from the library) and 300. I'm really sad that they only went 3 seasons with Deadwood. The characters in that series seemed so real. Often obnoxious, it's true, but genuine and real.

On the other hand, I can't say I liked either of the movies very much. Both Transformers and 300 were disappointments. While both movies were very well done from the technical standpoint the human element was missing for me. The special effects in Transformers was amazing--but totally wasted due to a storyline that was so absurdly bad I was flabbergasted at times. I managed to watch the movie to the end but I think I might have been in a state of paralysis due to horror at how much money was spent on the FX and yet apparently they didn't bother to hire any writers. LOL

A war re-erupts on Earth between two robotic clans, the heroic Autobots and
the evil Decepticons, leaving the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

It's hard to believe but Transformers has a strongly positive review on IMBD (though not on Rotten Tomatoes). Believe me, the writing and plot as soooo bad. Good visuals tho and some pretty actors.

300 was impressive to see. It was very much comic book art on screen. However I never felt much of a connection to the characters so the historic aspects of the drama just didn't work on me. The movie would have been much more effective had I related more to the principal characters and that might have just been due to my mood. The visuals were often stunning. I think I liked Sin City better though--that's the other movie based on Frank Miller's art form.


kenju said…
I need to tidy up here, too, but I am not the least bit motivated!
rosemary said…
Sunday is the one day I don't vacuum so there is a bit of untidy here too. I saw 300...I was just impressed by the fact that the entire movie was shot in a studio with digital enhancements. Pretty impressive...not great scripting but there were the washboard abs.
Blonde Goddess said…
My son loved hubby like 300. As for me...I never have time to watch anything. Keep posting the movie reviews. I appreciate knowing what's out there and whether it's any good or not cause if I get time to watch something, I don't want it to be a waste of my time.
GA Girl said…
The movies aren't my style but am tiding up a bit - guess Spring is on the wasY!
Ivy said…
I havent seen Transformers but 300 wasn't great in my opinion..

I've got a ton of decluttering to do as well..

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