Spiders and swearing

I had a nasty headache tonight and I finally figured out it was from not eating. Duh! And since I needed something to do while I was downing several grilled cheese sandwiches I put in a DVD. I ended up watching Spiderman 3, which I had taken out from the library today while returning the first 3 DVDs of Deadwood.

I'll tell you, there's no comparison betwixt the two. Despite the huge budget, Spidey 3 was pretty bad. For people that saw it opening week, before there was warning, it must have been a huge disappointment. There was actually a lot of good stuff in Spiderman 3--- and if it'd been edited into 3 different movies it might have been okay. As was, it was a terrible muddle of a movie. Fortunately the grilled cheese sandwiches were very good so the experience wasn't all bad. Hooray for melted cheese!

I'm hoping to get the rest of the first season DVDs for Deadwood today. They'd not been returned yet by the time I was at the library Monday afternoon. The 7 episodes I've seen so far were marvelous. I'm quite impressed with the quality. I've heard a lot about some of the other shows on HBO and Showtime but I've only watched the first two seasons of The Sopranos.

That's not going to change either--in a bid to save money I downgraded my cable so that my broadband service is the slower version and I dropped my cable tele to the only network channels option. The prices were going up January 1st and that would have put my cable over $100 a month. I'm just not willing to pay that much for television and Internet service. So now it's a much nicer $33 a month. *whew* That means I can still afford food. And I can eventually watch those shows on DVD from the library. Eventually being the key word here.


GA Girl said…
I saw Spiderman 3 the opening week with my nephew and his wife - it was very weak. I liked the good/bad spidey but though Toffer was miscasted.
Anonymous said…
If I didn't work for the cable company, I probably wouldn't have it at all.
Blonde Goddess said…
Not eating?
Is all that candy gone already?
Nina said…
I got rid of both cable and internet about a year ago - and now I have only wireless card and Netflix. I don't miss TV at all. (But I do like cheese).
SassyAssy said…
I don't know if I can come see you anymore...slower broadband????????
Shephard said…
Yeah... could have used that warning before seeing Spidey 3 in theaters. It was just as you said... at least a couple movies crammed into one.

~S :)

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