Snow in NC

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we got some snow on Saturday.

This here's a picture I took at duck DUSK on Saturday. I used the flash to capture reflections from the snowflakes. Being crystals, they reflect quite well.

Below there's three more pictures taken earlier in the day. I'll probably sprinkle more snowy pictures in over the course of the next week or so. I've just not downloaded the ones from my other camera yet--and am feeling too comfy sitting here with my hot chocolate to get up and go get it. :-)

Outside, on the other hand, it's decidedly uncomfortable. It's 23f at 10am and the overnight low was 10f. That's way too cold for folk living this far south. Brrrr! I had to drip my faucet all night long to make sure my pipes didn't freeze. :-(

In other news, Lee scooted out of here yesterday afternoon. Apparently some people make like migratory birds and move further south when the weather gets cold. :-p


GA Girl said…
Beautiful pictures but I don't believe you took the first one at "duck".
Diane Mandy said…
I'm getting just a wee bit gleeful at seeing my fellow carolinians getting a hint of what I am experiencing here in Germany. Oh well! You'll be back at 70 in no time, while I have to continue to suffer through!
Smug said…
I think that you have a wonderful talent for photography! These photos are really great!!
Cynnie said…
i miss NC,
i'm going home
rosemary said…
Gosh, I might have to winter in was 2 this morning in Idaho....we are at a giant 12 now...almost sun bathing weather in these parts!
SassyAssy said…
Awesome photos...but then I expect nothing less than that from you!
kenju said…
Really nice photos, Dave!
Nina said…
That was me.

I mean, that really loud blaring persistent horn honking you heard at work on Friday. I was trying to say hi without stopping on my way down to my dad's house.

I hope you enjoyed the snow. We didn't get much but at least it made an effort.

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