Save Santa

** think of this as having an Ed Wood style voice over **

At what point is the price of our bloated yuletide holidays too dear?

How about when you wake up Christmas morning and find that dear old elf's feet dangling from your chimney.

Apparent suicide. Tragic? That's the question we all much ask ourselves. Which one among us is totally innocent? Each year we ask for more and more stuff. And that poor old guy, an obvious cardiac case if there ever was one, must cope with hauling all that loot around the world.

It's no wonder his feet are swaying in the breeze. And what's up with the dog? Is he hoping that someone will light those logs so he can have some roasted elf?

From this grisly scene we should all take a lesson. Before it's too late. Take it easy at Christmas time and don't end up like that poor fellow dangling there. Despite having marvelous boots he apparently didn't have enough to live for. Maybe if he'd tried a cashmere sweater (Glen or Glenda reference) it would have all worked out...

Actually this is not a crime scene, folks. It's a clever gift card from my aunt and uncle.

Santa's legs are suspended by those rubber bands over seen there on the left. They allow the legs to move independently like Santa was dropping down out of the chimney. I doubt very much that the card designer intended it to look like a suicide.

It's a very cute card and I liked the gift card to Barnes & Nobles that was included with it too. My aunt and uncle are quite sweet. :-)


Shephard said…
Ha. Great card.
Our Aunts & Uncles hooked us on Amazon when it was in its infancy. I think Aunts and Uncles are good for that sort of thing.

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