It was a weird night.

First of all, it started off with me working past 6pm--which is anything but normal for me. (new post-doc started today so I wasn't able to get my work done until she was all set up and I'd ordered all the supplies she could think of--and she could think of a lot, I kid you not)

Then when I got home I tried to watch some television to free up some space on my DVR but fell asleep before long. Upon waking I had this freaky need to have honey butter sandwiches--which was a bad thing 'cause having just returned from being away for two weeks, I didn't have any bread in the place.

Solution? Wal-mart road trip!! And the concept of more Xmas candy at clearance prices certainly didn't hurt.

Well, that's the reason for this cute little face to the left. Wal-mart had advanced their sale to 75% plus off and so the little reindeer was only 72 cents. I couldn't resist that darling fuzzy face at that price. Unfortunately the candy was long gone except for some peppermint stuff and I just can't stand peppermint!

Weirdly enough I love wintergreen--which most people seem to associate with medicine taste--and really like spearmint too but peppermint just tastes metallic and nasty to me. Go figure.

And after all that, I didn't feel like having any honey butter once I got home. I ate a bunch of Hershey Cordial Kisses and some Smarties instead.

And Dell sucks.

Maybe I will have some honey butter on bread after all. Cold nights like this really make me like things with honey like honey butter and well honeyed tea. It's 22 now on it's way down to 20 with a high tomorrow forecast at 40-- for this area, temperatures like that are damn cold. Tomorrow night it's supposed to drop into the high teens. Brrrrr! Maybe I should put a dollop of something with some kick in that tea...


Blonde Goddess said…
The dollops with some kick are what I live for!
GA Girl said…
Dell sucks!
utenzi said…
That's the spirit, GG, Dell does suck!

And speaking of spirits, Tammie has a point there.
rosemary said…
I fell for a moose with a scarf last night at WallieWonderWorld.

It is 12 here...buck up Dave.

Dell sucks.
kenju said…
You gone into that sugar coma yet?

Bob-kat said…
That reindeer sure does have a cute face! :)

Hope all that sugar energy is helping to keep you warm!
SassyAssy said…
awww how adorable!
Cynnie said…
the candy cane kisses suck.
and peanut butter and chocolate is just the best thing ever..
rennratt said…
Your next banner should simply be

Utenzi Blog "D*ll SUX!"

It could be your TAG LINE!

It IS cold, but we need a hard freeze this winter. Last summer was ridiculous.
Michelle said…
Happy New Year Dave!

How come Dell sucks??
Pearl said…
I probably would have snatched up the reindeer too.

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