Of migraines and hair cuts

I got more sleep today than I have in the past 4 days but it really didn't count. What a pisser.

My ever present sinus headaches have been more ornery than usual the past few days and last night I wasn't able to sleep at all as a result. I went in to work but was only expecting to be there for a few hours--just getting essential stuff done than I'd go home and mope.

Unfortunately that didn't happen. Within a half hour of getting in my sinus headache triggered a migraine and nothing was keeping me at work after that. I have about 40 minutes from first feeling symptoms to get Midrin into me and hide under the covers away from all light. If I can't do that there's consequences! Due to the timing of the bus system here, it took me a bit over an hour to get home and I wasn't happy towards the end. :-(

One thing weird about my migraines. Even though the sinus headaches keep me awake, the migraines--which are far worse--I have little trouble sleeping through (thank God). It's weird. But as a result, I got nearly 8 hours of sleep today but now it's 2am and I suspect there's no more sleep to be found today. Damn. At least the migraine is gone. For now.

These two pictures are of a hair trimming thingy that Lee gave me a couple of weeks ago.

It's from Trim, a company that makes a variety of home beauty tools, like these hair trimmers marketed for women (the one Lee got me) and men (which she didn't). It's a subsidiary of the W.E. Bassett Company.

Since I already had a trimming thing for my nose and ears I had doubts about the wisdom of this gift--but boy was I wrong. Since I was up all night anyway, yesterday I decided to try this thing out for the first time and it works great. Eyebrows, ears, nose---all just great. I just started growing out a beard again and it was very difficult to refrain from trimming it off just to play with this effective little toy. I just wish it could trim open sinus passages.

But why did she buy me the girl version? That question is keeping me awake... or is it my headache that's doing it?


Into the Light said…
I'm sorry about the headache thing. They are never fun, but I'm glad you could sleep through the worst of it. I don't understand why the hair thingy would need to be specifically for a male or a female -- other than perhaps instructions, and that's doubtful to me too. As I barely have eyebrows and no ear or nose hair problems, I'm not sure what I'd use that item for.
utenzi said…
It's just marketing, TS. The two products are exactly the same -- the only difference would be in the way the instruction manual is worded. No mention of moustache in the women's version, I bet.
GA Girl said…
Perhaps she didn't know there was a male version and female version was the only one she came across.

Sorry about your headache - the best thing for a migraine is sleep so maybe your body knows that.
Shephard said…
Sorry to hear about your sinus and migraines. You know, for what this info is worth, two different friends of mine who have chronic migraines started taking magnesium supplements and their migraines went away. If it had just been one person, I'd have chalked it up to individual deficiencies. Yours may be connected to your sinus condition, but I thought I'd pass on the information just in case it's of some help.

Hope you're feeling better.
That personal groomer doesn't particularly look like it's designed for women. I bet you're right. Just marketing.
Happy New Year!
rosemary said…
Bad thing those headaches....

She got you the trimmer to bring out your feminine side Dave. But everyone else is correct...same product different gender. Probably cost more than the male version too.
carli said…
Have you thought about getting a Neti Pot for your headaches? I was thinking of getting one for my allergies, and also because I want to experience pouring water up one nostril and having it come out another nostril.
Nina said…
Looks like a fun toy. The bit about opening up your sinuses, though - ow! I hope you feel better soon.
Blonde Goddess said…
I suffer from both sinus trouble and migraines. There is nothing worse than either type of headache.
Actually, since I started taking blood pressure meds, I've had few migraines. Wonder if there's a connection?

Be careful with your shaver. I shaved off half my eyebrow because my cell phone vibrated in my back pocket and distracted me from my task...
GA Girl said…
BG - Some high blood pressure meds have an off label use as migraine preventatives so you may be getting an added benefit.
SassyAssy said…
I hate migraines and I get them often! Poor you!

Okay--what a weird gift for a gf to get her bf....was she hinting that she wanted other areas shaved??????

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