More Lemur pics

Here's a few more pictures that I took on Friday at the Duke Lemur Center.

Just above is a Black and White Ruffed Lemur. This cutie is a Blue-Eyed Black Lemur--you can see by the eyes where it came by its name.

I think this is a species where the males are one color and the female another. If so, the males are black and that's why they're called Black Lemurs. If not, then it's odd that they named them this way. :-)

Below you can see the long canines that this type of lemur has. While lemurs are almost entirely vegetarian, they do need long canines to tear into tough skinned fruits that are native to Madagascar.

The profile picture reminds me of a meerkat.


kenju said…
I should go there sometime. I have an old friend from back home whose daughter works there.
The brown Lemur is my favorite. She's so cute. Those big blue eyes are precious. What a wonderful way to start the day. Have a nice day.

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