It's late

I arrived back home in North Carolina early this morning, shortly before 1am.

I managed to slip one last kayak trip in on Tuesday but it was so windy yesterday that I barely was able to get out onto the lake. The inlet that my parents live on had such large waves coming in off the lake that it took me over 12 minutes to paddle around the bend that leads out to the main body of the lake. That short section usually takes me less than 2 minutes. Hell, several times when it gusted particularly bad I was going backwards.

It was a good workout but since I like moving fast, it was quite frustrating. And cold? Yikes. That wind was whipping all the blood out of my fingers. Brrrr!

This picture was taken last week when the weather was a lot more cooperative. Yesterday it was too windy (and wavy) for me to even take my camera out of my pocket. I like the moodiness that the dusk sky imparts to the picture. I got back about 20 minutes after dark and this picture was taken as the sun was setting and the air temperature was sinking fast.


Nina said…
Lovely picture! I didn't kayak while I was down there - too busy chasing my nephew. Maybe next time.
GA Girl said…
Beautiful picture!
SassyAssy said…
love love love the picture.
Ivy said…
love the picture.. Its very nice. Can't imagine kayaking right now.. The temps here are frigid in the evening and the wind is horrible..

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