high def

I finally made the plunge after watching prices for a year.

This set has been on sale at Best Buy a few times since Thanksgiving and I can't resist it any longer.

The set I really wanted was a 50" LED projection (DLP) TV from Samsung but this Panasonic is $400 less and it's 6" bigger--that's a very persuasive combination.

I decided to go with a projection set 'cause I'm too cheap to pony up with the cash required to get a big set with either direct view plasma or LCD. I had decided not to spend over $1,500 but that largely restricted me to projection sets. And that's okay -- they're very pretty too.

The price is pretty good. Amazon.com currently has the set priced at $1,699 though they offer free shipping. The shipping at Best Buy is $60 which seems quite reasonable given the size of the set. To save the $700 I'm more than willing to cover the cost of the shipping! And speaking of shipping--I'm supposed to get the set on the 22nd. They call the night before to confirm time within a 2 hour time slot. So in 8 days I should be enjoying a very pretty picture. If I don't post for a few days you'll know that I really like the tv. :-)

I might have to switch to a satellite television provider now so I can take advantage of the great picture. I ordered a Philips DVP5982 1080p Upscaling DVD Player just the other day so that's what I'll be watching at first -- I'm going to wait a bit on the Blu-ray versus HD battle.


GA Girl said…
Looks like the reviews are good. Enjoy!
SassyAssy said…
Dammit Dave...couldn't you have done this last year??????
kenju said…
My daughter just bought a 48" TV and I thouight THAT was big.....LOL
Wanda said…
Good luck with new TV. That is a very big one.
tiff said…
You do have surround sound, do you not? The teevee is only half-useful without it.
Paul and I bought a huge HDTV and I love it. There is nothing like watching football on a huge HDTV. Also, if you enjoy lots of movies it's definitely worth it. I don't even know what it would be like to watch a movie on a ordinary tv anymore.


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