I finished watching the first season of Deadwood on Thursday night. I was very impressed with it. I've never seen a show before that had such depth of acting. There wasn't a weak link in the show and I can't think of any other show that I've watched that I can say that about.

Ian McShane, as Al Swearengen, has received much attention and deservedly so. He plays the hard living owner of The Gem Saloon, a bar and brothel in Deadwood. The real life Al Swearengen did indeed own the Gem as well as several other businesses in Deadwood and according to what I've read, David Milch's version of Swearengen is very close to the historical truth. Milch being the creator of Deadwood as well as executive producer and head writer.

For my part, I really enjoy Robin Weigert's portrayal of Calamity Jane. It's an odd part and I don't know why I enjoy it so much--but she's great in the role. William Sanderson, famous as Larry, the senior brother in the Bob Newhart Show, makes the character of E.B. Farnum come alive. And of course Timothy Olyphant and Powers Boothe both crackle with energy as Seth Bullock, ex-marshal of Montana, and Cy Tolliver, saloon owner.

Brad Dourif who plays the physician Doc Cochran, based on Lyman F. Babcock, is just perfect. His ranting at God in one episode was pitch perfect as he embodied the reaction of the nation to the painful aftermath of the Civil War. And speaking of the Civil War, it's always looming in the background as an unnamed character since so many of the actual inhabitants of Deadwood were affected by the war.

It's difficult to single any one actor out because they're all so good. The men and women who play supporting roles do just as good a job as the headlining actors--and then there's Wild Bill Hickok (Keith Carradine) and his buddy Charlie Utter (Dayton Callie). Both great. I'm really looking forward to watching the second season, which unfortunately was checked out of the library when I went there.


Cynnie said…
you have migraines?
we have so much in common..
except the deadwood thing..
Blonde Goddess said…
My husband and I watched Deadwood. I liked it and he loved it. Have you ever watched LoveJoy with Ian McShane in it? My husband loved that show too...

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