Dawn is over rated

I need some sleep!

The past week I've been having a bit of insomnia so I've seen, but not quite welcomed, the dawn each day. Several days I've captured very pretty pictures but the last two days have been so nasty looking that even the birds have stayed away from the birdseed that I have out on my deck. I wish the weather would be better for pictures--after all, hopefully I won't be seeing the dawn that many more days (I'm not dying, I just hate mornings) and I'd like to get some pictures out of this if I have to be wake at this nasty hour.

The picture here was taken yesterday morning under nasty skies with rain threatening but not delivering.


Nikki-ann said…
I'm not having problems sleeping, my problem is waking up! It's dreary and wet outside too, which doesn't help.
kenju said…
YOur cardinal is just as pretty as the one who lives with his missus in my forsythia bush off the back deck! I am rewarded with a visit nearly every morning.
SassyAssy said…
Pretty cardinal! You always have insomnia....what makes this week different?
Very pretty birdy! The cardinals around here always seem to flit around so fast. I haven't ever gotten a good photo of one like you have here. I hope sleep finds you soon! :)
Shephard said…
I love Cardinals. Hardly see them here in LA area. Maybe it's too deserty. Great shot.

Diane Mandy said…
Great shot as always, Utenzi!

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