Bye Jennifer. We don't miss you.

Next week is the final show of the season. I'm rooting for TK and Rachel. They've been my favorites since the first episode.

Jennifer is Lucifer in human garb. Witness the sinister beard as proof. *shiver*

Not much was happening today. Tried to sleep in the AM, didn't work, made muffins, ate muffins, watched some TV to free up room on my hard drive, and did a few loads of laundry. My bed needed changing and those linens take up so much room in the washer. Fell asleep for a few minutes at a time about 4 times during TAR.

Ugh. Back to work in 8 hours!


GA Girl said…
She IS a creature of the abyss. And only 23 in this incarnation - she seems much older ;)
Shephard said…
This show is great at showcasing the clueless! lol

Hey... it's possible you may have been tagged over at my blog. :)

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