Xmas Clearance

I just love candy. I just love sales. And I really, really love clearance sales.

That said, when you combine candy and a clearance sale--well, let's just say I go hog wild. And if you think that infers that I can be a pig, well--keep it to yourself, thank you very much.

The picture to the left might lead some to think I'm a candy hog, but it's more that I love good values. Really. Wal-mart had all their Christmas stuff--including candy--at 50% off or more. I picked up over 50 pounds of candy today. Including more than 40 pounds of Hershey Cordial Cherry Kisses. God I love those. Thanks here to Shephard who first made me aware of those little morsels of delight.

Even the Santa tray and bowls were on sale ($1.75 and $4.25 respectively) and the ladybug vibrator was practically free. Don't ask. I stocked up on all kinds of candy and even got some Xmas wrapping paper, programmable Xmas lights and those more practical things--but my heart belonged to the candy. As always.

I'd donate some to the poor but I hear they have a poor dental plan so in the best interest of everyone concerned, I'm eating it all myself. Merry Christmas!

(and happy new year too--I'd best say it now since I plan to be in a candy fog for the next few days, weeks, months...)


kenju said…
Dave, I swear to God I don't know how you avoid diabetes!!
Nina said…
Just stopping by the say "wow, look at all that candy." Plus "Please put some protein in there too so that your pancreas doesn't go completely crazy."

Glad you got such a great haul.
utenzi said…
Judy, you're so right. A girlfriend I had 10 years back used to always say that diabetes thing to me and it's still not come true. Knock on wood!

Nina, you and Judy are on the same wavelength there. So far my body seems to be handling all the sugar okay....
SassyAssy said…
Ladybug vibrator...hmmm...sounds like more than candy is in your future...who is the lucky lady you will be using that on???????
Nikki-ann said…
You'll be getting candy withdrawel symptoms after you've finished that lot. I think we should take a vote on how long we think it will take you to finish that lot... A month maybe! :D

Happy New Year! Enjoy your candy!
Deana said…
I haven't been out to the sales for that reason...I am determined to become a health freak this year! Like my pre-marraige days!
Well, I was going to mention diabetes...LOL...But it has been covered!

I just want to wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dave...And May 2008 be the Best Year, EVER!
No_Newz said…
Awww, lucky! A ladybug vibrator... ya know there is a joke in there somewhere... never mind. Anyhow, I'd never seen or heard of a ladybug vibrator before this Christmas and now you mention it, but not before I won one during a Christmas gift game we played with friends. I also won penis shaped pasta... be jealous. It is called Macoweenie and Cheese. I regifted it to .... my mom. Seriously. Ha! Happy new year sweet cheeks!
Blonde Goddess said…
That candy stash is CRAZY!!! Wow...

Happy New Year!!!!
carli said…
Hmm. . . looks like someone hit Target. Enjoy your stash. I'm so depressed. I was there today, and all the Christmas stuff is almost gone, and the Valentine's stuff is moving in. I hate Valentine's Day. It does nothing for me.
I love Christmas clearance stuff, too.

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