Anyone that knows me is going to find this hard to believe, but I just this morning uploaded my Thanksgiving pictures from my camera. 2 weeks of just sitting in there. That's just one more indication that I'm just not clicking along right. In addition, I've not gone hiking since I've returned from SC. I've just been doing the couch potato thing. Now, I can be very lazy, it's true--but it's not usually unrelenting like this. Maybe if I eat more candy I'll feel better...

Anyway, the picture above is a waterfall that I hiked to over Thanksgiving weekend. In the picture is my brother in the center and his youngest son over there to the left. In front of them, of course, is the waterfall. It's on the SC / GA border and must be quite impressive when there's plenty of water. Given the drought we've been experiencing here in the Southeast, the waterfall is but a shadow of its normal self, I'm afraid.

And below is a picture of Lee that I took on our way back from the waterfall. She's giving me a slightly suspicious look but I can't remember why. That's the problem when you wait a few weeks to review pictures. You just can't remember the circumstances clearly anymore. I'm sure she had good reason to be suspicious tho--I can be devious, especially when holding a camera.


Nina said…
Beautiful! I'd love to know where that is, since I am in that part of the country all the time.
kenju said…
I love that waterfall, and I love the woods. I really should get into them more often!

Lee is saying...."I thought I told you not to take my picture today!"
Ivy said…
What a beautiful Photo! I love waterfalls..
That Waterfall must really be fantastic when there is no drought....It is rather sad looking nw, isn't it?

So, you are still eating a lot of candy?? All that sugar does make one logi....I know, being a chocolate lover....!
SassyAssy said…
Lovely photos as usual! You probably told Lee you weren't taking her picture, when in fact you deviously clicked the button! I am sure Lee could fill us in on the details.

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