Some quizzes

I took a few quizzes tonight on a University of Pennsylvania website. I found the linkage to it on Nina's blog, Reader. The site is run under the auspices of Dr. Seligman, the founder and director of the Positive Psychology Center at Penn.

There's a number of quizzes there that relate to how you think and react emotionally to the world and other people. Be warned, you have to register on the site but it's free. I took the PANAS Questionnaire which measures positive and negative affect. To no great surprise I had equal scores (21 out of 50) on both positive and negative affect but since people in general are more positive than negative, relative to the population I'm very negative. Like I said, no surprise there. :-p

There's a "Jealousy" test link on Nina's blog also. That one is located here. I was a little surprised to find that I scored a 38 since I tend to think of myself as being a lot less jealous than average, not just somewhat--but this test goes into the envy area --which I am prone to-- and not just personal jealousy, which is a trait that I'm mostly lacking.

The Jealousy quiz is on the Expert Rating website which has a butt load of quizzes of various sorts. I've only taken this one but I might indulge further later on today. Right now it's after 5am and I need to get some sleep. Night all...


SassyAssy said…
None of us like to think we are jealous....might have to go take some quizzes.
kenju said…'s my bedtime and too late to start those tests now. I'll check them out later.
Smug said…
I'm at 28 and I think the description of the score fits me about right!

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