silly laws

The image below is of a t-shirt design at Threadless, which is an online source for original t-shirt designs. I've ordered from them and they're pretty good and periodically have sales when most of their shirts are $10 each. One of those sales is going on right now, as a matter of fact.

The main problem with the place is that the designs often sell out quickly. Periodically they re-release the more popular designs that have sold out so that's helpful.

The reason I mention this is that when I saw the design here it reminded me of a story that Lee mentioned to me last night. Apparently in Georgia, the emissions test that is required of most cars in the more populated counties has a little problem. You see, people that drive hybrids are failing the test. It seems that when a hybrid car is idling--like when it's being tested for emissions--it shuts down the gas engine and switches over to the battery. Unfortunately with the way that the Georgia emission tests are designed, that results in an "incomplete test" and the car fails.

So the most fuel efficient cars in Georgia are the ones that fail. And what I really love about Georgia is that the really old gas guzzling and fume belching cars-- those cars are exempt from being tested. You really gotta wonder when the cars that would fail don't need to be tested and the ones that should pass with flying colors are being failed left and right.

Here's a story on the subject from the Atlanta paper: Earth-friendly Prius struggling to overcome Ga emissions glitch


SassyAssy said…
How amusing! Gotta love the red tape that blankets this country!
Bob-kat said…
Surely the answer is to change the test parameters or the policy that covers emission in Georgia? Oh, silly me, that would be using common sense rather than politics!

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