Nexus Radio

Just last week I started using this site, Nexus Radio, and I love it. From what I've read about it, I think it's been around for something like 6 months

What is Nexus Radio?

Well, you can go to their FAQ page for that answer--but I'll give you their short version answer:

Nexus Radio is a free full featured radio player for listeners who want to
record their favorite radio content for playback on their PC, or any portable
device that supports MP3s. With over 6000+ radio stations and support
for thousands more, Nexus Radio delivers the content radio listeners yearn for. Search through a rich variety of radio stations with a straightforward interactive guide that can be updated daily with more content than XM and Sirius radio combined. Whether you are at home or on the road, Nexus Radio
can record your favorite songs or radio shows automatically with TiVo style
recording for later playback. MP3s recorded with Nexus Radio can be
automatically named and tagged with ID3 tag information, and transferred
to your iPod or any other multimedia device effortlessly.

Above is what the main page of the Nexus site looks like. To the left is the list of 70s songs that I've recorded tonight. Neat.

I came across Nexus because I was buying a bunch of 50s MP3s for my Mother's Christmas present. I bought her an MP3 player and since she's not very technologically proficient I'm loading a number of CDs with music from when she was in that prime music age of 14 - 22. I bought about 100 songs but the selection of music from back then wasn't great on the web so I decided to look for a radio style option and was quite pleasantly surprised with Nexus.

In the past week I've recorded something like 200 more songs from the 50s and early 60s for my mom to supplement the songs I'd bought 2 weeks ago. The songs I bought were encoded at 192 bps and Nexus natively records at 128 but I doubt I'd ever hear the difference and you do have the option of increasing the bitrate if you want--but there's little point since very few radio stations upload music at higher quality settings anyway. Many of them are under 64 bps, in fact.

What are some Nexus Radio features, you ask?
  • Records in MP3 format
  • No monthly fees.
  • No spyware, malware, or adware.
  • Over 6000+ radio stations.
  • 38 music genres.
  • Full featured media player.
  • Straightforward audio editor.
  • One click recording.
  • Easy to use TiVo style recording.
This area of downloading music free from radio broadcasts is controversial so I suspect eventually Nexus will either be shut down or have to pay people off-- and would pass the costs on to us, and no longer be free, so take advantage of this while you can!


Diane Mandy said…
Thanks for the suggestion, U. I'll check it out.
I am very glad Michele sent your way. I am gonna explose it! It sounds great!

BTW, good to have the URL field back.
craziequeen said…
Hi Dave, Michele sent me to see what technical wonders you are showing us this week.....

I think Nexus radio is a little out of my sphere of understanding. But it looks like people are enjoying it! :-)

BreadBox said…
I agree -- it seems highly likely that this will be stamped upon in short order. A great shame: growing up nobody minded that I had a radio tape recorder, and would tape songs to listen to later!

Thanks for the pointer!
Michele sent me today,
Hmm. I am hooked on my XM radio but if I could make something that would spare me their almost incessant Maynard James Keenan, I'd be happy.

Might need to investigate this further...

Michele sent me today, after first accusing me of being a spammer. The nerve!

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