I watched some television tonight to catch up on a few shows. One of the ones I watched was the season final of Heroes. Most of the episode was good but that summary near the end was really lame. It ended okay but this was definitely not a season to remember. I hope they plan a little better for season 3.

I still haven't started watching ER. I think I've got 11 episodes recorded. Maybe between now and Christmas I'll find some time to watch them. For some reason I have trouble getting myself to watch ER each season for the past 5 or 6 years but once I dive in I like watching it. Another show I've got a lot of episodes recorded for is Journeyman. There's something like 9 of them. I only say the first 2 or 3 shows before tabling the series for a few months. I love being able to store these shows on a hard drive but it does lead to large numbers of shows piling up.


Deana said…
I've recorded Heroes this season on the satellite but have yet to watch it. I haven't heard all the big things that I heard last year that made me run out and watch the first season on DVD!

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