I've not been posting very much lately. Part of the reason is that work is so boring right now. I'm just doing endless Westerns with some IHC mixed in. Boring and repetitious. And that sort of thing bleeds over into everything else eventually. Maybe next week when I start doing some microarray analysis I'll perk up a bit.

I woke up a few hours early this morning and as a result watched the last two episodes of Dirty Sexy Money. I was going to wait until the next episode on Wednesday so I could see 3 in a row but I didn't have any other sets of 2 shows recorded right now. That show is beginning to grow on me. Peter Krause, who portrays lawyer Nick George, is perfect in his part. His lack of expression when the Darlings, his employers, do outrageous things is priceless.

The addition of Peter Strauss as Dutch George in the November 28th episode is nice. He's got a face with a wealth of character and is a great addition to existing cast members Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh. This trio show just how well a weathered face can convey a wealth of information. It's nice to see a show with some older folk on it.

I wonder if it's just coincidence that father and son have names that sound so much alike? Peter Strauss and Peter Krause.


SassyAssy said…
I started watching this show and found it amusing, but I forgot to tape any of the preceding shows so I am lost. Oh well, I guess I can go on the website and see if they offer the episodes there like they are now doing with Burn Notice (*#@% for making us wait til summer for new ones)!
kenju said…
Dave, I got confused with the last show. I thought Dutch was dead (in a plane accident) and now this guy shows up.

I really enjoy this show, especially when they don't go for broad laughs.
Smug said…
Have you watched the last 2 Heroes yet? I have been putting it off, waiting until I have time to watch them back to back!
rosemary said…
After missing several episodes I gave up...it's also on at the same time as Life and I am hooked on that show.
Diane Mandy said…
No_Newz said…
You know if there's older folk in it, the show isn't going to last long. :P

I really like the post below. Smoking is like crack. Crazy!!!

Have a great weekend!

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