Dell Sucks

At 10:25pm tonight Dell sent me the following Email:

This note is in reference to your recent order for a Fuji Photo Film FinePix S700 digital camera.

Regrettably, we had to cancel your recent order for the Fuji S700 digital camera as we are unable to ship your order. Due to an internal system error, your order included discounts that should not have been applied.

Dell specifically indicate on our web pages, catalogs, and advertising that Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors. In addition, our email documentation provided to customers as they place orders states: Please note that Dell cannot be responsible for typographical or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We truly value our relationship and reputation with our customers. Please be assured that we are working hard to try and prevent similar issues going forward.

Thanks for choosing Dell.

Since they're the ones that screwed up you'd think they'd at least give a coupon or something for a future purchase. Dell sucks. Like monkey balls, or something similarly nauseating. I have a Dell desktop but I doubt it'll ever be joined by a younger brother now.


Into the Light said…
While it took them way too long to notify you and they probably should have given you some incentive to try them again, I'm much to ethical to have accepted the deal in the first place. If I'd placed the order without realizing it was a mistake, I'd have let it stand if they didn't catch it though. Besides, now I don't have to keep checking the mail to see if you are sending the camera to me! ;-)

Merry Christmas, Dave!
Nina said…
Dell sucks. (And you said monkey balls). ;-)
Utenzi said…
Nina, I agree 100%. Monkey balls!

Tazz, while I can see their use, ethics have never been a good fit for me. LOL I don't mind them not honoring the price, but I do mind them doing it after their initial confirmation of the validity of the order--and the insinuation in their letter that it's all the consumers fault. That just strikes me as bad PR.

Dell sucks. And now you don't get that camera you were hoping for. Sorry!
GA Girl said…
Diseased monkey balls to Dell!

Retailers should honor their mistakes. When I worked at Mervin's part-time some years ago, they had a return policy that stated they would accept returns in any condition at any time. Some families took advantage of the policy to replace jeans their children had grown out of. The worst example I saw was a sport's jacket that was in shreads (Mervin's stopped selling those jackets at least 5 years before). Maybe that's one reason they went out of business - but I'm sure it brought in more business than it cost.

Slug guts to Dell!
Anonymous said…
Dell really should have sucked it up and honored those prices... or, hell, at least a $50 coupon or something... They may claim they are not responsible for typos, but they made the error and they ought to deal with it.

Plus, their letter was poorly crafted. They could at least have admited fault and said - "hey - we just got too many orders and can't deal with honoring this"

kenju said…
I would write a letter to the president of the company, and tell him what happened. It wasn't handled properly - or quickly - and he ought to know about it. You might get that camera after all, or at least, a discount on another one.
SassyAssy said…
Dell does suck if they aren't going to honor their mistake.

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