December Weather


This was the weather thingy on my computer this morning. I live in NC, my parents in SC, and the third town on the list is where we all grew up in upstate NY.

On days like this I just love to look at the difference in temperatures. A high of 29 degrees? Love it! LOL

I came to work today in a t-shirt.


GA Girl said…
Brrr - I was just in Florida and the temp. was in the 80s - too warm!
Nina said…
I just got back from SC, where it was 80 degrees yesterday... :)
This is the ONLY reason I put up with August in NC
Pearl said…
You're in N.C. Didn't know that.

Guess I'm not likely to sell you any snow, eh. :)

Long time no see. Good to see you're still kicking, and in shorts.
kenju said…
Yep, I'm loving it too, Dave. I wore a cotton skirt, short sleeves and crocs today (no socks, of course)!!

BUT, we need rain!
Sue said…
My friend went camping up at Saranac Lake every summer. I grew up near NYC and well, my dad was a city kid and not exactly the camping type! It's been around 60 degrees here in the bay area. Still comfy.
angela marie said…
Yeah, we had a snow day today - no school for the kiddos, but it was a balmy 27*.

Then I talked to my Mom, down in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and she said it was 72* and my dad was golfing. dude.
Diane Mandy said…
I'm jealous.
Deana said…
Didn't you love that warm break? My mom and I shopped in Greensboro yesterday and it was so nice going back in and out and it not being cold!
rennratt said…
It's 9.45 pm in NC - and 66 degrees.

Up in Maine, it is 10 at my dad's house, and 7 at my sister's house.

Oh, and it's snowing in both places.


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