Cookies on Sunday

Yesterday I responded to an odd invitation.

A friend of mine that I go hiking with--when I'm not being lazy, I've not been hiking in over a month!--asked me over to bake cookies with her and her daughter.

The picture over there to the left is the 2 pans of cookies that we made. They were going out to the various teachers involved with the daughter's classes.

I was told that the cookies came out quite delicious but since there was a fair amount of ground up coffee in there for taste I thought it wise to abstain.

Anyway, despite my fairly well known allergy to kids and cats (not to mention social sitations) I actually went. And then the freakin' woman was nearly 2 hours late! Which resulted in yesterday's wait on the deck with the evil cat. Fortunately I had a book with me so I was able to keep entertained.

To the left you can see some of the kitchen devastation that was caused by the baking debacle. Pans were dirtied, one small burn resulted, and numerous spoons, forks, knives, and measuring utensils were employed.

This was my lovely assistant. Or, now that I think of it, I was the assistant. Mom? Not to be found! That woman left the two of us alone in that kitchen and probably was napping or something like that.

Man, I can't believe we were abandoned like that.

Fortunately her daughter is quite the budding baker so the cookies were never in any peril.

When not baking, she gave me a short magic show then also gave me a lecture on who's who in the world of Sponge Bob. It might be difficult to belive, but I'd never seen the show before. And I strongly suspect I'll never see it again!

Yes, that's the sponge himself over to the left. I enjoyed the baking and the kid, but the cat stuff and Sponge Bob was going beyond the call of duty.


GA Girl said…
I bet you don't know what crabby pattys are either!

The cookies look wonderful - gotta love a man who bakes!
rosemary said…
Cookies, kids, AND cats? Dave you're a softie at heart.
kenju said…
You didn't like Sponge Bob? You need to watch some more, because there are many double entendres and jokes which are for adults, not just kids. It's a good show, or at least it was when my grandkids were watching it 2-3 years ago.
SassyAssy said…
What an adventurous weekend you had! Kids, cats, ex-girlfriends, Sponge Bob.
Smug said…
What's bad about the Sponged One is that sometimes even when my nephew is not at my house, I find my thumb failing to flip when it is on!! I come out of the Bob trance a few minutes later to wonder what I have been doing and why my flipping thumb has failed me!!
Anonymous said…
the mom disappeared? thats insane!

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