Cat Scratch Fever

Cats are evil. That's one of my basic premises in life. However, that said...

...sometimes you have to placate the evils of life. Here's one example:

At left you see the exhibit, known as "Buzz," a moment before he jumped up on the chair in front of me. I was waiting on a deck Sunday around noon, you see, and the owner of the house had not yet arrived.

In that annoying way that cats have, he insisted--with some volume--that I scratch his head and stroke his neck and back. Given that the evil critter is a predator that is well equipped with teeth and claws I saw little wiggle room in the negotiations. Yes, I gave into evil and did its bidding. Wouldn't you have done the same???

This is the face of evil after it's been placated. Look upon this visage and shudder--and hope you never have to face such a horrible choice yourself.


GA Girl said…
Pretty Kitty!
SassyAssy said…
Looks to me like you made friends with kitty....come to think of have some catlike qualities!
Deana said…
Now how could that be evil?

Darling assistant you had in your cookie baking adventure!

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