Another day off

Another day off of work...

On days that I work I rarely eat anything before noon, and then it's usually just some candy and water until I get home and have dinner. But since I have today off, I had eggs and taters. And I didn't even have to prepare them! Life is good.

8 eggs and some fried potatoes. The picture was taken before they hit the frying pan, of course.

The other people that I work with have stopped eating eggs since we started using them in research last month. For some reason it's not hurt my appetite for eggs. Go figure. Dell sucks.


SassyAssy said…
Did Waffle House fix them for you or that special lady friend you are so secretive about?
tiff said…
8 eggs? For ONE person? Jeepers.

It took me at least two minutes to figure out that your pictures features a whisk, and not sprouty hairs. Apparently I'm a little dense.
kenju said…
I sure hope that at least half those eggs were eaten by someone else, Dave!

Happy New Year!
carli said…
I have weird egg patterns. Sometimes, just looking at them makes me sick. And sometimes, I can't get enough of them. If bacon is involved, that sweetens the deal. Dell sucks. Bacon is awesome.

I especially like the ones with the expiration date printed right on the egg.
And by the way, when the heck did eggs get so expensive? I mean, I know they're still an inexpensive source of protein, but they've really shot up in price.
Bob-kat said…
I can go ages without eating eggs and then I will suddnely start and wonder why I haven't been eating them!

You sound a bit like me, it takes alot to put me off food as my mother was a nurse and watched surgery on TV while we had tea, my brother was always trying to gross me out so he could have my food and I had British school dinners (awful beyond words). Also I once ate maggots which were in mushrooms. I didn't want to but my parenst told me they wouldn't hurt me and then left theirs! After that, it takes a lot to put me off!

Happy New Year Utenzi! I must try adn drop by more often :)
Pearl said…
great perspeective on the pic. Happy New years.

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