Still around

I've not posted in a couple of days. I've just not felt very inspired. It's probably the whole "back to work" thing. Those three weeks I took off were so enjoyable that being back at work is sapping my will to live. Not to mention my will to blog.

Work has been interesting this week. I've been getting all my cultures back up to speed again but most of my work this week has been in support of other lab members as well as creating graphics for my boss. I tend to like playing with Photoshop so that part of the week's labor was enjoyable.

On the other hand, unfortunately our CAM assay isn't working yet and there's been a lot of frustrating troubleshooting trying to correct that situation. We're hoping that the problem lies in excessive CO2 levels since that's easily fixable. As is, we only have enough time before the Thanksgiving holiday to get in one more run on that... and maybe one after that before the Xmas holidays. At least the cell culture experiments are working well. Next up are some mouse arrays and some Westerns for confirmation. Science never rests. :-)


Bob-kat said…
Going back to work after any break can be very hard, especially if you would rather be somewhere else (as the majority of us would!). I am sure you will get back into the swing of it though.
SassyAssy said…
Those three weeks must have been heaven. I can't even begin to imagine having that kind of time off.

As for being back to work...guess you need to plan some interesting out-of-lab activities ;) to revive the will to live.
GA Girl said…
Wow - losing your will to live is one thing, but losing your will to blog???
tiff said…
Dude - 3 weeks off is almost like a lifestyle change. Mighta been TOO long.

I know I wouldn't want to come back after that kind of time off.

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