Red Thursday

It's been a busy week at work but not a lot else going on.

This little maple seems to be the highlight of my yard. For the most part the autumn colors have been weak and uninteresting in this section of NC but this little maple didn't hear the news and made a nice display for me to enjoy.

It's not truly red, for that you need to look lower to see the cardinal pictured below. I took that picture a few days ago and the picture of the maple was taken just a few minutes ago.

It seems strange to have Thanksgiving already knocking at our door. Having Turkey Day on the 22nd just seems too early. Next year it'll be on the 27th and that seems more "right" to me. That's what comes of having the first day of November on a Thursday, I guess.

I was hoping to take Wednesday off and head out of town a day early but now it appears I'll be doing a lot of Westerns next week and I'll need all 3 days to get in a bunch of gels. Maybe if I get lucky and the antibody concentrations are all in range on the first runs I'll be able to finish up my membrane fractions by the end of Tuesday---but it's very unlikely. Much more likely is that I'll be running Western gels the week after Thanksgiving as well. Then come the microarrays on the RNA from my samples...


kenju said…
Love the pics - but what are Western gels???
SassyAssy said…
Your pictures are stunning as usual!

Not sure what western gels are, but I hope you get out of town like you wish.
Diane Mandy said…
Don't answer that...
utenzi said…
LOL I'll obey Diane's dictate but Judy can just ask Tiff at their Friday luncheon. Tiff's done a lot more Westerns than I have, I bet.

Thanks, Sassy. It'd be nice to get out on Wednesday but I'm pretty sure I'll have to work. No matter, it's just one day.
Blonde Goddess said…
Thanks for posting the great pictures. I live in the city and bird pictures are rare. (Too much commotion all the time.)
On the off chance there are birds in my yard, I normally don't get many cardinals. The blue jays bully the other birds for the bird seed.

Have a great weekend!
Nina said…
Nice pictures. I am sure it doesn't need saying, but driving is dangerous on Thanksgiving day. Get out of town as soon as you can. I'll assume you really love your job working with Westerns and gels. With the RNA and the whatever else that was. Sorry, English major here. No idea.

Have a good weekend.

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