Michael Clayton

I went to see the movie Michael Clayton tonight. That's the new movie with George Clooney and Sydney Pollack. It got a 91% rating with the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes and 86% with users. That seems about right. It's an interesting movie with superb acting.

I question how interesting the actual storyline is--but given the constraints of a minimum of action, the crafting of the movie is excellent. And Hell, there is one explosion --shown twice!-- so all is not lost. But would it have killed them to include at least one car chase? Or maybe some gratuitous nudity?

Clooney's role in this movie reminds me somewhat of Syriano, particularly since he's adopted a similar appearance for Michael Clayton. A little heavy, worn down, and tired but he still radiates that special star quality that he has. The personality he adopts is also the same. In both films, Clooney is the guy that makes things work even if he has to bend rules, cheat, lie or worse to get his job done.

As for the movie, it's a dark, engaging drama that asks some difficult moral questions about how "big business" can force people to make spectacularly bad choices and how those choices can really snowball once made.

If it wasn't for the big names that appear in this movie, it would probably be classified as a critics film and attract small but enthusiastic audiences. But with Clooney headlining, a great many people will see this worthy film. As for me, I wanted to see more action!


Well, Michele just sent me back to you....I will have to wait for the MOVIE to come out on DVD, I'm afraid....Not able to go to mlvie theatres anymore.....I heard it was very good!
Jerry in Tampa said…

Awesome blog!

Hello, Michele sent me. And I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa
Ivy said…
I want to see the movie. Though I'm not sure it will/would hold my attention long enough for me to get through it.
kenju said…
I will wait for the DVD too, Dave. I like Clooney, but he's not my very favorite and I don't go nuts over him the way some women do.

I am glad to know there are no car chases or gratuitous nudity!
Bob-kat said…
When I saw the trailer for this I was intrigued as it istantly seemed a liuttle more intelligent than the usual big Hollywood films. Think I might just see it on your recommendation. Cheers!

Thankd for dropping by my blog. With ref. to your comment on the halloween post, the main problem is that it is not actually a big holiday in the UK, but the import of trick or treat is being pushed by business as it is worth an awful lot in candy sales. As you alude to as well, in this country there is a lot of trouble with the 'trick' side of things which is a shame as it spoils the fun side of things.
craziequeen said…
Hi Dave - I'm not a Clooney fan, and Michael Clayton looks one to avoid for me....gotta love a bit of action!

Michele sent me to see what you've been up to lately....

November Rain said…

I am not a clooney fan also I disliked Syriana (sure it was okay but not my cup of tea) ifI wanted to see somethinglike that I would goto cnn Igoto a movie to be entertained and uplifted not depressed
rennratt said…
I just read the list of actors in the movie.

I can't imagine why I would want to see any of them naked.
SassyAssy said…
this is on my list to see. If nothing else, I can drool over old George.
Shephard said…
I'm intrigued now. I think I'll wait for DVD tho.

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