Kayaking through sickness

You know, historically they've blamed plagues like The Black Death on rats and other vermin. They might be right. But...

But I'd like to advance another theory. All disease is due to kids. I was so sick today I slept away most of the day, didn't go out kayaking this morning despite it being subfreezingly cold--that produces lovely mist and despite the nasty cold temperature is a great time to kayak, and felt all achy and tired. I don't blame rats though.

Just look to the left to see exhibit A in the case I'm making. Below is exhibit B.

Kids are the real carriers of pestilence. Rats and other rodents don't even come close. Hell, even when I tried to get away from the germ and virus ridden critters (kids) they followed me out onto the water.

Scary stuff, eh?

While I didn't get much water time today I have high hopes for tomorrow. There's supposed to be rain coming in around midnight but what with the drought going on now, I think the weather folk just say that stuff to try to encourage us. The water level on the lake is now 15 feet under normal. That's freaky. I can be standing on a dock and realize that my head would normally be 9 feet underwater. Weird.

I went hiking yesterday in upstate SC with Lee, Ben, my youngest nephew, and his parents. I'll post a few pictures from that once I get home and have some bandwidth to play with. This modem connection is just too damn slow.


SassyAssy said…
*shaking my head* you & your theories! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving anyway.
Nina said…
Would love to hear about your hiking trip in SC. My dad lives there and I bet I know the trail you are talking about. It's gorgeous there and I wish I could spend more time in that part of the country.
GA Girl said…
I think it's day-care centers (containing kids, of course) that are breeding grounds for germs - these kids look too old for day-care.

There are some beautiful areas in SC.

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