I bought a small turkey on my way home from work tonight. The "generic" frozen ones were on sale this week for 49 cents a pound. It's a good price, a decent sale but I got so spoiled 3 years ago. They had turkeys on sale that year for 19 cents a pound. You could get a 20 pound bird for less than the cost of a sandwich!

This time around I bought a 14 pounder. I'll pick up another one after T-day if they go on sale. Usually they just put the prices back up to normal tho--in this case $1.19 a pound. Turkey's so easy to fix that it's fun to make but that's a lot of turkey for just me to eat so I tend to only buy it on a really good sale. That way if I end up feeding a lot of turkey to neighborhood critters I don't feel bad. On sale, the turkey costs less than pet food. I wonder if the birds would consider eating their distant cousin?

I won't be eating that turkey for a while, it's in the bottom niche in my freezer, but a bottom round I picked up on Tuesday is going into the crock pot on Saturday. I picked up some aromatic veggies (carrots, celery, onions, and a stalk of fennel) to put in the bottom and once I sear the cow butt a little I'll put it on top. Some diced bell pepper and onion on the sides along with lots of potatoes completes the dish. I'll get that started around 10am and then go to the landfill with a few bags of garbage, then off to get my haircut, and back to smell the lovely aromas of simmering veggies and cow heinie.

It's supposed to get down to 26 tonight so I'm not going to be happy bouncing around early in the morning. :-( I don't know how I survived living up north all those years. I just don't like cold!


kenju said…
Two weeks ago, HT had a sale on turkeys, if you used your VIP card. I got an almost 20 lb. turkey for under $4!!

It was 30* when I went out to get the paper this morning. Brrrrr. Get our warm fall back here for me, okay?
I snagged up two good sized turkeys at 69 cents a pound, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas of course. I can remember when they were much cheaper - but then I was just a kid then.

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