Here's a quiz off of the okCupid website that I took a few days ago:

Your Score: Epicurean

Congrats, you seem to be more Epicurean than not. You believe in at least some of these:

Empiricism: Trusting the evidence of the senses

Atomism: Everything is made up of atoms

Materialism: Everything is either matter or void

Atheism/Agnosticism: God either doesn't exist or else probably doesn't care

Epicurean Hedonism: The goal of life should be pleasure. However, Epicureans are more interested in intellectual pleasures and the happiness to be had through friendship than in sensual pleasures like eating, drinking, or sex.

Epicureans defined pleasure as being a combination of "aponia" (lack of pain) and "ataraxia" (freedom from fear). Because of this, they concentrated intensely on overcoming the fear of death. Without the judgment of God or the fires of hell to worry about, this is actually a fairly simple matter. As Epicurus said:

"Death is nothing to us."

Link: The Epicureanism Test written by razorgrrl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


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