I'm on a diet right now that most would find... let's say "unconventional". Yes, let's describe it that way.

Basically all I do is eat Smarties. No finesse to it. Just eat Smarties day and night. I bought over 20 pounds of them on post Halloween clearance so I won't run out of them until early December.

Scary but I've already gone through over 12 pounds of the things in 4 weeks. And weirdly enough I've lost 8 pounds during that same time period--mostly off my belly. I think I might be torturing my pancreas to death--and not doing my liver any good either.

Well, time for me to go eat my lunch. You can see it up there clinging to the keyboard of my laptop. Mmmmmm. Smarties!


GA Girl said…
Death by Smarties?
rosemary said…
Ha, I love those candies. I remember the first generaton of them....little dots of sweet/smart candies stuck to a very looong piece of paper that I would bite off and enjoy. Good luck with the diet, Dave. I have a feeling your belly will be yelling soon.
kenju said…
Losing weight could mean you have thrown yourself into diabetes, eating all that candy.
SassyAssy said…
Well, the smartie diet seems as sensible as some of the others out there. Might as well enjoy it!
Blonde Goddess said…
DIET is a four letter word!!!
Nikki-ann said…
Your "Smarties" have another name over here... Not that I can think of the name right now! Over here Smarties are made by Cadbury's and are chocolate with a coloured coating.
I am unfamiliar with Smarties...but it sounds like it is all pure sugar...! Help Me!

As you said, it is unconventional....LOL!

Michele sent me to suggest maybe a tiny bit of protein from time time might help balance all that sugar...!
aka_Monty said…
It doesn't sound any more ridiculous than another diet I read about that instructed two Big Macs per day and all the popcorn you can eat.

Maybe I'll try yours... :)

Hello, Michele sent me today!

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