Caffeine and soda

The subject of one of Wired's little sidebars in the November issue is caffeine and soda. That's not surprising when you consider how many programmers and other geek-oriented folk like to stay up all night. Caffeine definitely helps in that quest.

The sidebar starts with the disclaimer that no soda comes close to coffee, the gold standard, with on average over 120 mg per 12 ounces. However Vault Zero does approach that with 74 mg--quite a bit for soda--and after that the pack trails quite a bit. In the 50's are Pepsi One (57.1), Diet Mountain Dew (55.2) and Mountain Dew (54.8).

I wonder why the diet version has more caffeine? Of those the only one I drink is Mountain Dew though I've switched to Sierra Mist of late--and that has no caffeine in it. Still, my favorite sodas are Dr Pepper, which clocks in at 42.6 mg, and Pepsi which has 38.9 mg of caffeine.

The soda lowest on the list is Barq's Root Beer at 22.4 mg. I like Root Beer but rarely drink it. I guess that's because they're not on sale as often.

In case you're curious, the mid tier sodas are dominated by diet formulas. Tab at 48.1 mg, Diet Coke at 46.3 mg and Diet Dr Pepper at 42.6 mg.



kenju said…
I drink only decaf coffee, as I am very sensitive to caffeine. But if I am working and I need to stay energized, a diet soda is great for it. Of course, I may not sleep until 3am, but I will be alert!
SassyAssy said…
I despise diet soda...give me root beer or cream soda! Yummers.
GA Girl said…
I gave up caffeine some years ago, but am back on it in coffee form since I dislike the taste of sodas.

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