Bad ole Weekend

This was a bad weekend.

I was invited to lunch and dinner on Saturday and wasn't able to do either 'cause I was just feeling too sick. And I also didn't want to go--I tend to be antisocial, you see--but the point here is my being sick. So stop getting me sidetracked, people.

I was also supposed to go hiking on Sunday and didn't do that either. In fact I never even got my mail this weekend and that's just at the end of my driveway. The furthest afield I went all weekend was my back deck to feed the birds. They rely on me, y'know?

See this guy? He's got no wings. If it wasn't for me he'd just be skin and bones. And feathers, I guess. Poor waif would be starving to death...

Actually.... he's got wings. As you can see in this picture, it was just the angle the first picture was taken at. He looked wingless.

And the feeding thing? I think they actually like eating bugs more. It's just that the seed I put out is really easy to get. I guess it's like me and potato chips. It's not that it tastes better than other types of food, it's just that it's a whole lot easier.

And I'm just starting to feel better in time to go to work on Monday. What kinda bull**** is that????

I think if you get sick on a weekend you should be awarded days off during the week.


roselle said…
booo on being sick utenzi.
you should totally petition for in-lieu-of-sick days at work. i have faith that it'll fly ;)
SassyAssy said…
I am sorry you weren't well over the weekend :( . That is never pleasant, but when it happens on the weekend it seems to compound the issue. Glad you are now feeling better.

Looking forward to reading your SIX item meme.
Smug said…
Being sick does tend to put a crimp in the weekend plans! Sorry that you did not feel good, did you at least watch anything good on tv?
No_Newz said…
I'm sorry you are sick! I hope while you did nothing this weekend you got plenty of rest. What kind of bird is that? I have a bunch of them in my yard. And the weird thing is, mine all have wings too. :P Feel better!!!
GA Girl said…
Lovely little wingless slate colored junco. We don't have them often here, but every once in a while I get a visitor.
Ivy said…
Sorry you weren't feeling well.. Does tend to make the weekend suck!

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