The Amazing Race

It's now in its 12th season with seven Emmies under it's belt and The Amazing Race is still going strong. This past Sunday the season started with 11 new teams embarking on what could be up to 30,000 miles of travel---assuming that team makes it to the end.

The show airs about twice a year having first started in 2001. This season is starting a little early due to the sudden and dramatic demise of CBS's show Viva Laughlin . It only lasted two episodes. That hadda cost some people a bundle. But I'm not disappointed 'cause I didn't want to have to wait until February to see TAR.

Wiki has a good breakdown on the show in case you've never watched it. It's the only reality show I watch. Well, I guess I have to include Hell's Kitchen too.

So far my favorite teams on TAR are the brother/sister engineers (Azaria & Hendekea) and the hippie like couple from California (Rachel & TK). What team(s) do you prefer?


GA Girl said…
Haven't decided on my favorite couple yet, but I don't like the couple that yelled at the donkey - they fight too much.
kenju said…
The goths are oddly fascinating. I want to see what they look like out of make-up and with no hot pink hair...LOL
utenzi said…
I agree with you up through "odd", Judy. Fascinating doesn't seem to fit though.
November Rain said…
we dont get nearly any of theses shows

here in Germany

we are lucky to get Lost and Heroes just started
SassyAssy said…
Not so much into reality shows although you are among several of my friends that absolutely love this show! Did not realize it started in 2001...learned something new today.

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