vacation of sorts

Today's my last day of work for 2 weeks, maybe 3. That third week has been granted to me but it's revocable depending on circumstances here in the lab. Since we have a med student working here who's only had minimal experience in the lab, I doubt very much I'll get that third week.

This is the first vacation time I've had this year for just that reason. My boss keeps bringing in temporary folk like our med student who are only here for a few weeks or months. Workers like that are very high maintenance since they have to be trained, which is time intensive, and also need to be supervised pretty much all the time. This means that I can't take a single day off.

However after having 4 vacations canceled on me during the course of the year I finally put my foot down and insisted on at least two weeks off. This coming Monday is the start!

I plan on spending a few days in the mountains of Western NC, around 5 days at my parent's house doing some errands and home maintenance tasks that have accumulated the past few months that are beyond what they can do themselves, and also get in some kayaking. I might even spend a few days of the vacation getting some chores done around my house that I've been procrastinating on.


kenju said…
Dave, I am glad you stood your ground about the vacation time, and I hope you get the third week!!
Bob-kat said…
I am glad you made a stance so enjoy your 2 weeks off! It sounds like you have great plans for your time. Remember to relax too!
GA Girl said…
Have a wonderful vacation!
rosemary said…
Have a wonderful, restful time. Enjoy your visit with your folks and what a good son to do "fix it" chores for them. I might have to adopt you. How do you feel about moving to Idaho?
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: I think you are taking the vacation at just the right time of the year! Have a Great time!
Ivy said…
Enjoy your vacation!
Suzi said…
Hope you enjoy whatever vacation time you get. Two weeks sounds great, but three weeks sounds heavenly, especially since it's not only fun and games that you have planned, but a fair amount work, too!
Carmi said…
Kudos to you for putting your foot down. My previous employers were horrible for that kind of thing: on the surface they'd tell me how important it was for me to take vacation. But then I'd book the time off, only to get called back whenever I was away.

I ended up with tons of unused vacation time - and massive stress issues - by the time I decided enough was enough. It's been 4-and-a-half months since I walked out of there for the last time, and I'm so glad it's all behind me.

I hope you take more pictures like this one: I love all your photography, but the kayaking ones are especially resonant.

Hi from Michele's!
SassyAssy said…
You definitely deserve a great vacation...shame we never got to go on one like we had planned :(

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