Rivers and pagans

The picture below is my new desktop paper. I'm not sure what size it'll be after Blogger uploads it, but the version I'm using on my computer is set to 1680 x 1050. The resolution of my LCD.

Click on the pic to see it full size. It's one of the better ones I've taken this year. I took the picture on Saturday at Eno River Park which is near Durham, NC.

The last month has been kinda weird for me. A number of former girlfriends, all of whom broke up with me, have gotten back in contact. Romantic interests aren't prevalent here, of course, but just the coincidence of being contacted like this by several women all at once is statistically freaky.

The longest gap since last contact, and in my consideration the least likely to have ever contacted me again, is Jan, a woman I dated for about 4 years when I lived in Atlanta. We even lived together for just over 2 years, I think. Or maybe one year. My memory isn't very good with dates.

The picture there to the left is Jan and I sometime around July, 1995, or maybe August. The resolution isn't very good due to the photo being blown up from a slightly out of focus original, and then me taking a digital picture of that. The picture was taken on an island that we and another couple stopped at during a canoing trip down the Flint River in south Georgia.

At a different time Jan and I went sea kayaking in the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia. That was the first time I'd ever been kayaking--and also the first time I ate Brunswick Stew (and that was in Brunswick, Georgia). And speaking of kayaking...

I've got a couple of weeks vacation later this month and I was hoping to go sea kayaking again--but I'd originally planned the time off for the summer. My boss kept pushing my time off further and further out and now it's so late in the season that I don't want to hit the Atlantic. I don't like cold water and I've been a little too sick lately to want to travel to Florida or Mexico for some warmer water for the paddling. I guess I'll just end up paddling some of the lakes that I've done dozens of times before. Don't you feel bad for me? :-)


SassyAssy said…
boo-hoo! at least you are getting a vacation. It has been two years since I have had a proper one...maybe I will hide away in your kayak!
GA Girl said…
Maybe your "new" popularity is due to the planets lining up or something.
I like your Eno Park picture - do you canoe or kayak on the creek?
Nancy said…
That picture is awesome!

Two whole weeks off of work! what is that like????
Bob-kat said…
That's a great shot - very atmospheric and I always love waterfalls.
I am sure when you get out on those Lakes you'll be able to relax even if it isn't the sea.
Ivy said…
I love this picture. Its such a wonderful picture!
Shephard said…
That top photo is beautiful. :) A great desktop photo for those of us with LCD's. :)
kenju said…
What a gorgeous photo! Can you believe that in the 38 years we've lived here, we have never gone over there?! I have to remedy that!
Diane Mandy said…
I'm sure wherever you'll be ...you'll make the most of it!
Smug said…
Off the current subject but... I just made the Blueberry French Toast Bake! Totally wonderful!! My husband felt that it was not sweet enough for him and added some Mrs. Butterworth's, but I liked it just as it was. I also used a bit more cream cheese than called for, but I really like cream cheese and I already had the 8 oz. package on hand! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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